What Clients Say

Astrology Course Student

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carol. You are an awesome teacher. This was an amazing class.”

Tami C.

Massage Therapist, March 2012

Astrology Course Student

“I have so enjoyed this class and its a good thing I have a full-time job or I would be studying all of the time. I still remain as fascinated today as I was the first class! Wow, what a hold it has on me...must be in my transits.”

Cindy C.

Elementary School Teacher, August 2012

Astrology chart painting

 “Thank you SOOO much for the beautiful astrology painting!

The imagery & painting are beautiful. I love the colors, they have an Italian feel. I love blue and orange together and the blues and greens together. Blue is my favorite color, so the Morning Glories and Delphinium Blue resonate with me. The Earth Angel image was synchronistic also.

Thanks again for my beautiful piece of art. You are following a great path.”

Nancy S.

Clinical Psychologist, July 2013

Astrology Course Student

“Thank you for my journey into Astrology. My world will be forever changed.”

Sue L.

Retired, August 2012

Astrology chart painting

 “The gorgeous pictorial chart is sitting on my altar and I've been having great fun noting the alignments and the beauty of the planets.  Three planets in Aries! That sure is starting my 70's with a blast!

Thank you again for this. It really is lovely, powerful and profound.” 

Lindsay R.

Crystal Healer, February 2015

Astrology chart painting

“Thank you so much for capturing the essence of my transition. I am honored to have a piece of your art work. I'm looking for a nice frame for it.”

Michele W.

Artist, August 2015

Intuitive Astrology Reading

“During our journey we are blessed to connect with someone who makes a very positive difference. You, my dear, have opened me up to possibilities beyond my imagination. Thank you to allow me to know all things are possible.”

Flo S.

Executive Assistant, September 2012

Astrology course student

"I loved this class. Always intense to discuss extremely personal stuff out loud."

Jennifer W.

Doctor of Medicine, October 2018

Astrology Chart Painting

“Your spiritual art certainly seems like your path from my perspective. You have both intuitive and artistic gifts, the ability to take the unspeakable realm of the feeling world and give it visual form, communicating more deeply than words could ever hope to achieve.”

Stephen P,

Depth Psychologist, October 2012

Intuitive Astrology Reading

"Astrology changed my life, Carol provided insight and practical advice that helped me understand so much! If you are struggling with certain aspects of your life, astrology can really help."

Corinna H.

Intuitive Healer, August 2018