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Astrology for the Transformational Warrior

Astrology for the Transformational Warrior

Welcome to my new site!


Welcome to my new site!

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Upcoming Events

Astrology classes & more

December 15th

Beginning Astrology Chart Interpretation

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Live On-line

Event Details

December 15th

Beginning Astrology Chart Interpretation


This experiential course presents the basics of astrology and chart reading. These classes are best suited for the beginner who is interested in understanding how the planetary movements can show the “roadmap of your life”.

This class is right for you if:

• you have never taken an astrology class

• you’d like a refresher on the basics of astrology

• you want to understand yourself and others in your life with more objective and compassionate awareness.

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Live On-line

About Me & My Services

Carol Montoya


Carol Montoya is an intuitive artist, teacher and astrologer who has lived among indigenous peoples in some of the most sacred places of Alaska, California, New Mexico and Wyoming. Learning ancient wisdom held by the land and its people, which has been passed down for many generations, has been the cornerstone of her work. In her offerings, she focuses on a person’s spiritual nature through experiential sharing. She works in areas that are nonphysical such as the thoughts, the emotions as well as the astral and vibrational dimensions. 

She is a practicing Spiritual Teacher

and Astrologer since 1997. 

Intuitive Art



 Instead of reading your chart, feel it! 

Visual poetry...
the essence of your unique being captured in the fluidity and magic of a commissioned original watercolor painting that speaks to the heart and soul. 


I paint individual astrologic mandalas--watercolor painting, based on your horoscope, depicting your own unique energetic expression that are

meant to inspire.

Transformational Astrology


My approach in Transformational Astrology is based on theses

five concepts:

• Understanding purpose of this life.

• Acknowledging inheritance

(past life, family patterns).

• Creating the synthesis between

past and present.

• Recognizing opportunity.

• Accepting responsibility. 

My Astrology readings bring intuitive clarity. I work with the energies of the chart as the chart comes to life during the reading. It "speaks" to me, giving the client valuable insights.

What I Offer


• Astrology Readings. 

• Astrology Classes & Workshops.

• Personalized Intuitive Art

• Lectures, Storytelling, Healing Circles.

Astrology Readings 

Do you want to understand your cosmic blue- print and how you relate to your world? Do you need clarity of timing on current and future decisions? Let me show you what I intuitively see in your chart to help you master your life. I has been practicing astrology since 1997. Full Readings and Speciality Readings available. Reading can be in-person, by phone or skype.

Astrology Classes & Workshops

Do you have an interest in astrology but find web courses and study guides too confusing or expensive? Have you had an astrology reading and you don’t understand what that strange chart with all those symbols and patterns really mean? Learn Astrology: A Grounded Approach.

Here is an opportunity to learn to read astrology charts that is experiential, comprehensive and fun!

Intuitive Painting

I offer my artistic and intuitive talents to paint individual astrologic mandalas--watercolor painting, based on your horoscope, depicting your own unique energetic expression that are meant to inspire.

“To paint in watercolor is to immerse myself in the action of water, sun, earth, air and time. This creative dance brings epiphanies where I witness an action of watercolor moving through me and onto the paper.”

Sharing of Wisdom: Lectures, Storytelling, Healing Circles

As part of her own journey, I share my knowledge as an intuitive and spiritual healer with all of those who wish to elevate conscious awareness, as well as seek to fulfill their personal destiny at this time of powerful change on the planet. I give valuable insight into self understanding and healing. My connection to my ancestors comes strongly through my Jicarilla Apache and Navajo heritage during the Seasonal Indigenous Ceremonies. I also share my animal medicine and true wildlife encounter stores. The following are some of the topics presented.

- The Moon and the Four Elements

- The Big Three: The Sun, Moon and Ascendant

- Animals as your Personal Teachers

Spiritual and Color Ray Healing

Spiritual Healing and meditation doesn’t have to be long hours of sitting in pose. In just 5 minutes, you can practice using light and color to direct healing to a situation, a person or for yourself. I facilitate this healing circle for you to bring miraculous healing into your life.

Astrology Readings

One Question Answered

Do you need clarity of timing on current or future decisions? Let Carol show you what she intuitively sees in your chart to help you master your life.

Full Astrological Reading

Carol will read natal, transits and progressed charts to get an overall view of your destiny, patterns, challenges and talents.

Relationship Reading

Do you want to know the strengths and challenges in your relationship? What the partnership is destined to create? I can look at your Synastry and Composite charts.

Rectification of a Birth Chart

If you want to received an affective astrological reading and don't know or have difficulty finding your birth time, rectifying your birth chart is a service I provide. In rectifying a chart, I review your responses to a questionnaire that I developed. The questionnaire asks to the best of your recollection the timelines of significant events in your life. I would correlate those events to the transits at the time to determine as close as possible what your rising sign could be. This service does not say the findings will be a definite birth time, it will only be speculation.


Contact Me

For questions about the kind of services I offer or want to learn about classes and workshops, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

Carol Montoya Astrology

Olympia, Washington, United States

(253) 830-4566

Hours: by appointment

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